Tips & Tricks for Searching Google Like a Pro [Infographic]

Ginny Mineo
Ginny Mineo



Sometimes, I wish Google would just read my mind.

I usually have this thought after trying variation after variation of pretty specific search terms, like "recent social media statistics," without finding what I'm looking for. You'd think those search terms would return relevant results -- it's not like I typed in "cool shoes" and hoped for the best. But they don't -- and after a few attempts, I just want to hand over the reins to Google and say, "Can you please just find me what I'm looking for?"

Alright, so Google can't quite read your mind (yet ...), but they do have lots of operators in place to help you find more relevant search results. You just have to know what those tricks are and how to use them. 

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To catch up on all these Google search tips and tricks, compiled all the most important ones in the infographic below. Check it out -- and then have fun making Google do barrel rolls for the next 20 minutes. (Or to, you know, conduct productive, work-related searches.)



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