New Marketing Jobs That Could Focus on AI [Data + Examples]

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It's no secret that AI is rapidly changing the marketing industry.

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In fact, our most recent State of AI survey found that 62% of marketing leaders and 66% of business leaders have already hired new employees to help leverage AI/automation tools.

But what roles are marketing and business leaders hiring for exactly? Here's what we've found.

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AI Marketing Jobs

AI Trainers

Writers with AI Experience

Digital Marketers with AI Knowledge

What do AI-driven marketing jobs mean for marketers?

AI Marketing Jobs

The following are marketing jobs and opportunities that are on the rise due to advancements in AI and marketing automation.

AI Trainers

AI must be trained to learn, improve, and be a great asset to any marketing strategy. However, if the technology is new to a company or brand, there may not be any employees on the team who know how to train AI.

As a result, many marketing and business leaders are hiring people to train the technology. For example, the job listing below is from Scale AI and is for a position called AI Training for Marketing Experts.

Job posting for AI Training for Markteing Experts; AI jobs in marketingImage source

The company seeks writers who will be tasked with projects involving generative AI models.

Their responsibilities will include testing the technology, analyzing the technologies responses to prompts, and ensuring the content generated is accurate.

This makes sense since 55% of marketers are just somewhat confident that the content generated by AI is accurate, while only 23% are very confident, according to our survey.

Statistic showing 55% of marketers are just somewhat confident that the content generated by AI is accurate; AI jobs in marketing

Writers with AI Expertise

Many marketing and business leaders are hiring writers who are comfortable using AI to streamline the writing process and produce content promptly.

For instance, the job listing below from Cyberfunnels calls for a copywriter with AI experience.

Job posting seeking a copywriter with AI expertise; AI jobs in marketingImage source

Responsibilities include using AI tools to "enhance the copywriting process, generate data-driven insights, and optimize content performance." Applicants are also expected to stay up-to-date on AI best practices in copywriting.

Another job listing, this time for Miaplaza Inc., calls for an SEO content writer who can use tools like ChatGPT to write efficiently.

Unsurprisingly, marketing jobs like content writing and copywriting focus on AI tools like ChatGPT. In our survey, 45% of marketers said they use generative AI in the content creation aspect of their role, including writing.

Furthermore, 69% of marketers said generative AI is important to their content marketing strategy.

Digital Marketers with AI Knowledge

Digital marketing is a field that has been around for years; however, more digital marketing positions are calling for employees who know how to leverage AI.

For example, in the job posting below, Miller's Ale House seeks a Sr. Marketing Manager who will leverage data, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation to drive growth.

Job post seeking a senior digital marketing manager with AI knowledge; AI jobs in marketingImage source

According to our survey, 45% of marketers use generative AI when analyzing and reporting data.

So, there's a good chance more marketing manager roles like the one above will require marketers who are comfortable using AI to efficiently gather and record data.

Statistic showing 45% of marketers use generative AI when analyzing and reporting data; AI jobs in marketing

What do AI-driven marketing jobs mean for marketers?

Ultimately, marketers must familiarize themselves with AI/automation tools to stay competitive in their industry and the job market. Fortunately, resources are available to educate marketers about AI and enhance their skill sets.

LinkedIn Learning Courses

LinkedIn Learning offers 100 AI and machine learning courses, including:

AI Foundations Course and Certifications

IBM has an introductory course on AI called AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization and provides opportunities for marketers and business leaders to obtain certifications for applied AI, AI engineering, and machine learning

Google's Machine Learning Crash Course

If you want a quick rundown of machine learning, check out Google's free Machine Learning Crash Course. The course includes case studies, video lessons, virtual lectures, and more than 30 exercises.

AI will likely continue changing the marketing industry, but that doesn't mean the technology is immediately coming for your job and rendering it obsolete.

Right now, advancements in AI mean you need to expand your skills and knowledge surrounding the topic so you and your company can continue to thrive.

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